Monday, December 15, 2008

Love Has Come To Walk Among Us....

"In the space of the beginning
Was the living Word of Light
When this Word was clearly spoken
All that came to be was right

All creation had a language
Words to say what must be said
All day long the heavens whispered
Signing words in scarlet red

Some have failed to understand it
So God spoke His final Word
On a silent night in Judah's
Hills a baby's cry was heard

Glory!; sang the angel chorus
Glory!; echoed back the night
Love has come to walk among us
Christ the Lord is born this night

All creation sing His praises
Earth and heaven praise His name
All who live come join the chorus
Find the words His love proclaim

Find the words His love proclaim"

-Anthem for Christmas
Words: Gloria Gaither
Music: Michael W. Smith

We went to a Micheal W. Smith Christmas concert the other night and it was, to say the least, awesome. His piano playing is incredible, and his choice of music and putting instruments together is talented indeed... He's still got his touch, even is he is a grandfather now! Anyway, this is one of my favorite Christmas songs by him. He didn't play it at the concert, but it's good enough in his 1989 (the year I was born!) CD "Christmas." (Buy it if you don't already have it--no Christmas music collection is complete without it.)

The picture is sort of corny, but to hear this song, go to this link... Just close your eyes and listen...

Merry Christmas!

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