Saturday, December 27, 2008


So you've opened up the gifts, eaten the treats from your stocking, now what? When I was younger, I remember feeling pretty empty after Christmas day had gone by in all its glory. My parents were always good about sensing this and explaining that there is so much more than the gifts and treats. Those will pass away and even when we've gotten so many good "things" there will still be an emptiness, an emptiness that only Jesus Christ can fill. I believe it is totally possible for even Christians to feel this void. And it doesn't only happen on Christmas! After some event we've waited a long time for is over, it's hard to not feel depressed--what do I have to look forward to NOW. I struggled with this for many years and still do, but I have learned a little bit, maybe, and that little bit I have learned is that things will never satisfy.

It's not an effortless activity to be filled with Christ. I personally must work towards that every day and not allow myself to be caught up in "life."

So how do you feel after this Christmas? Alive and filled with Christ and blessed beyond measure by the gifts given in his honor? Or empty and restless. I pray that everyone reading this would be filled with Christ either for the first time, or anew.

"Some still failed to understand it, so God spoke his final word; on a silent night in Judah's hills a baby's cry was heard..."


Ali said...

Katie, I think I have a similar struggle. I tend to get a nostalgic sadness at Christmas time and after Christmas day, missing the traditions that my parents have set aside now that we are "older", and feeling that void that you mentioned. This year, I decided I was focusing too much on myself and that I needed to put aside how I felt. Not easy at all- literally impossible on my own strength. I really noticed that when I put my self-pity and self-aborbance aside, my whole family had a better time and I was more aware of areas to serve my family. So, to answer your question, this year I am feeling extremely blessed.

Katie said...

Great! I am too :) Thanks for sharing, friend. Love you! (miss you). :( Have a wonderful new year!