Friday, November 21, 2008

A Year Tomorrow...

A year ago tomorrow we moved to CO from Jefferson, GA. Wow, amazing... And what's especially amazing is that tomorrow we are moving from where we've been living for the past year (with my dad's very generous friend, Mike) to our own home in Aurora (about 40 minutes south-east). So we are moving on the same exact day we did last year! November 22nd... It is a rental, but it'll be "home" for at least a year and, hey, about eight months ago I felt like this house we're leaving was home. For that reason I am a bit sad. I am the type of person to get very comfortable really wherever it is that I'm living my life, and it's hard to "uproot." But this is definitely easier than GA seeing as we're only moving 40 minutes away, as opposed to 27 hours away! (by car). And the thing about me is that in four months, this house in Aurora will be home to me and I'll never want to leave :) I just get familiar with things how they are and never want them to change... Yeah, call me weird.

Anyway, the house is beautiful and very large. Four bathrooms! We simply won't know what to do with ourselves :) We have lived with one shower for a year and it's been a lot easier than I at first thought--this should be absolute heaven *wink* I will post pictures on our family blog soon! I know I am so behind, but patience!

Have a wonderful weekend and God bless you.

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Ali said...

I'm praying that the move goes smoothly. Of course you already know I want to see the house ;) Hey, isn't there another SG church in Aurora?