Friday, October 17, 2008

Vote for Grumpy

At Disney the other day, I noticed a shirt. You may be like, Who cares. Well, this is a really big deal for me because I am usually horrible at noticing people's clothing (which can be a good thing these days). *wink* OK, so I noticed this shirt that said "Vote for Grumpy" with a big picture of Grumpy on the front. In little letters underneath Grumpy it said something along the lines of, "Dopey's cuter, Doc is funnier, etc etc" Basically naming how all the other dwarfs were so much better. That got me thinking...

I am sure that if all the seven dwarfs had an election campaign, Grumpy would be one of those to NOT win. It's obvious! But like I said, that shirt got me thinking about something I've been thinking a lot about anyway. When I start sending emails and newsletters in my support of Chuck Baldwin for president, I am in essence saying, "Vote for Grumpy." Now please don't think that I consider Baldwin and Grumpy alike in any way and am trying to make a joke. It just occurred to me that my support for Baldwin is similar to supporting someone as unpopular as Grumpy.

So it comes down to the facts of my heart. Why vote for someone who will probably not win? Because of my last post: conscience. How can I vote out of fear for someone whom I don't think God would want leading his people (and that goes for McCain AND Palin)? And why would God bless that? God is not going to bless something just because it's better than something else. He's going to bless something that honors and glorifies him and his ways.

So, I'm voting for "Grumpy" :) And maybe now you understand why...

You know, now that I think of it, McCain DOES remind me of Dopey... *wink*

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