Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update +

This morning began a three hour flight to Atlanta, followed by a one hour flight to Orlando. So, yes, we're in Florida! It's our annual Family Vacation and a lot of our family members live here. Anyway, that's what we'll be up to! I will update the family blog www.cochranfamily101.blogspot.com while we're here...

This link is an interesting YouTube on Ron Paul predicting the bail out! I am a fan of Ron Paul for his ultra conservative ways. You NEED to read his book: The Revolution: A Manifesto. I wish he was the republican nominee... *sigh* God is sovereign!


The Stone Family said...

How good to know we're in the same state again!
I suppose we'll get together while y'all are here *sigh* ;)
Love ya and can't WAIT to see y'all!
<3 Em

Katie said...

Oh Emily! That would be so awesome if we could get together... My mom will call you all. I've been thinking about seeing you... Tell Anna I said hey!