Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Where was all this handwringing in 2002-2003?

e-mail from Philip Troutt, Tidbits reader, 6/21/2010

Where was all this handwringing (How wise for US to be in Afghanistan [in 6/21/10 Tidbits]) back in 2002-2003 when "our" president, GeorgeW. Bush, was beating the drums of war and planning the immoral and illegal invastion of Iraq. Make no mistake, it was the knee-jerk support of the "Christian Right" that made this possible.

All the church rallies, all the mindless "pray for our troops" campaigns (dear Lord, please protect our troops while they kill and destroy people in a country that has never done us any harm).

Where was all these questions when Christians were engaging in national days of prayer, calling on their opponents to repent and seek God's face.

THIS IS NOT OBAMA's war. This is George Bush's war and Barack Hussein Obama is George Bush's legacy. The irony is that most of those Christian leaders who supported these wars still think they can be "won" (just like they still think that Viet Nam could have been won).

If Christians hand't been lined up uncritically accepting the president's false information about weapons of mass destruction and Hussien's non-existent nuclear arms program, this could never have happened (I heard Christians spouting this non-sense even after it was known to be false). If Christian leaders hadn't been compromised because Bush offered them a sop on their "moral" agenda, he could not have perpetrated this abomination. There is blood on the hands of every Christian and every Christian who supported this war.

Never fear, nothing will change. The "Christian right" will dutifully line up behind Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney or whoever else their leaders ordain as the "right" choice and things will remain fundamentally the same.

There is one savior and he is not a member of the Republican party.

Stop whining about Obama's election and start asking why this "Christian" nation was willing to enthrone a man who was fundamentally and overtly opposed to all our cherished notions of liberty and law. Stop pretending that you didn't know what was going on. Stop pretending that you haven't been supporting the people who are responsible for this.

Obama didn't run this country into bankruptcy. It was a republican president and a republican Congress that drove this country into war, who squandered our national treasures on fruitless foreign campaigns. It was a republican president who ran up these deficits that will drive us into national and personal bankruptcy. It was a republican president who pushed through the trillion dollar bailout of Wall Street.

Next time there is a day of prayer, Christians need to shut their mouths and get on their knees and confess "their" sins; not the sins of the opponents of righteousness, but the sins of those who knew better and stood by while righteousness was trampled in the street.

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