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Vote for Hayworth!

How to put the fear of God into the GOP

Exclusive: Jane Chastain points to J.D. Hayworth race as potential party game-changer

Posted: April 15, 2010

1:00 am Eastern

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

By Jane Chastain


That check I just put in the mail to the IRS really hurt!

Unfortunately, if something isn't done, and done soon, to roll back the size of our bloated government, that is the smallest check I'll be writing to Uncle Sam in my lifetime.

Rolling back the government is easier said than done. It's a lot easier to take a bone away from a hungry dog. For that matter, it's a lot easier to take a chunk of meat away from an angry lion. Many well-meaning politicians have tried only to discover that the folks on the receiving end of the government's largess make those carnivores seem like pussy cats.

A lot of good people are pinning all their hopes on Republicans taking back control of Congress in the fall election. Even if that happens, it is unlikely they will make a lot of progress.

Let's rewind to 1995 – the first year the GOP controlled both the House and the Senate after spending 40 years in the tall grass of the congressional wilderness. Ah, so many dedicated fresh faces arrived in Washington, it was hard to tell the congressmen from the visitors.

An amazing thing happened that year. The GOP actually passed some rescissions. In other words, they took back some money that had been appropriated the previous year but hadn't gone out the door. That year, everyone was a fiscal conservative. Then, the invincible force met the immovable object, President Clinton.

Our boy Bill had presented a budget that had red ink as far as the eye could see, and the Republicans put their collective foot down. A good old-fashioned brawl ensued that lasted into the Thanksgiving holiday. Clinton refused to budge and shut down the government, not once, but twice. By then, we the people were busy decking the halls for Christmas and completely lost interest.

The battle over spending extended into the next year and the next budget. In March, the Washington Post did a poll that showed that the public was completely unaware that there had even been a vote on a budget that would reach balance.

At that point, these fresh faces were so haggard, they simply threw up their hands and said, "What's the use!" It wasn't long before they began spending like, well, Democrats. In fact, before they lost control of Congress, they were outspending Democrats.

It is time to send a message to the GOP that will long be remembered, and the best way to do it is to help J.D. Hayworth defeat John McCain in the Arizona Republican primary. It will cause more shock waves in the GOP than Scott Brown's election in Massachusetts did in the Democratic Party.

Hayworth is a bona fide conservative. McCain is, well, McCain.

It is nothing short of amazing that the 28-year Washington lawmaker and 2008 Republican nominee for president has a serious challenger. It's even more amazing that by March 16, in a Rassmussen poll, Hayworth pulled to within 7 points of this political icon.

Hayworth is everything McCain is not: He is strong on illegal immigration. In fact, as a congressman, Hayworth helped lead the fight against the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill. He opposes the McCain-Lieberman cap-and-trade bill and rejects the McCain-Feingold legislation, which curbed free speech and helped incumbents get re-elected. Hayworth helped write the Bush tax cuts and supported the Federal Marriage Amendment, while McCain opposed both. Hayworth opposed the nomination of Eric Holder as attorney general, big bank bailouts and the death tax. McCain voted for the former two and against the latter.

This battle is the political equivalent of David and Goliath. Hayworth has managed to raise $1 million in political donations. To McCain that's chump change! Nevertheless, McCain is running scared. He called on Sarah Palin to campaign for him in Arizona and give him some cover with conservatives. He is spending the big bucks on TV, hiding behind heavy-hitting attack ads and refusing to debate Hayworth.

Meanwhile, Hayworth has the support of most politically savvy conservatives, but with his checkbook, for the most part, he must rely on radio. Unfortunately, not everyone who supports Hayworth, in principle, does something tangible.

If you have ever thought about giving a political donation to a candidate that could change the direction of the country, now is the time to do it. If just 1 million true-blue conservatives put their money where their mouth is and gave Hayworth $25 each, he would have $25 million. Now that would help level this playing field.

The primary is Aug. 24. There is not a moment to lose!


Roy said...

JD Hayworth is not a person I would put my trust in why would I make him responsible for the future of my state.

JennsR said...

I really agree with the top portion of this article, not the title and not the endorsement, but the issue of fiscal responsibility. For this reason, and so many more, I vote McCain. McCain received an award for being the THIRD most fiscally responsible member in Senate, McCain, (UNLIKE JD) is against earmarks. JD proved already he is a pork barrel, earmarkin kinda guy. We need to pull back on spending. McCain did vote against Bush Tax Cuts, Hayworth voted for them. Funny, I disagree with more taxes but taxes are needed if only half of us pay them, taxes are needed when our govt has a deficit. McCain is the better of the two!

Katie said...

Roy, you should have elaborated why you would not put your trust in JD.

And Jenns, I completely disagree with you on McCain. He does indeed participate in pork barrel spending and earmarking. From what I read on JD's website he is much more fiscally responsible than McCain, and will perhaps actually get something done in Congress. McCain has had his chance and rather blew it in my humble opinion. He is conservative sure, but still too middle of the road for me. We need someone on fire for change in office--and who knows, since McCain obviously isn't that someone, maybe it'll be JD...