Saturday, February 9, 2008

Year 2007

Hello friends! I just posted a ton of pictures on our family blog if you'd like to see a storyboard of our lives this past year... I meant to do it in January but you know how life is :)

We're doing great and loving Colorado (or at least, I am). The other day we were driving somewhere and everywhere I looked, mountains towered to the sky; I nearly cried with awe--they're so beautiful. And I can't capture it properly with a camera so you'll have to come visit to see what I mean *laugh* I know I know--that's called bribing. But I miss you Georgians (and relatives) very much... I wish you all could move out here and then we could have everything! I personally have started a part-time job for Mike doing his personal accounting for him. It's kind of a sad story because I was going to start online college this month but I'm still considered a non-resident of Colorado because we haven't been here a year yet so the classes cost nearly triple for me what they would cost a resident and it's too much. So we are waiting on the Lord :) Your prayers would be great because it seems like God has just shut this door...

Anyway, God bless! Have a wonderful weekend.

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