Friday, December 7, 2007

Life in Denver so Far...

My dad's school Dove Christian Academy ( is attempting to raise money and one way they're doing that is by radio ads so today one of my dreams came true: I was on the radio! (And by the way, those who know me know that it most definitely is NOT my dream to be on the radio--totally joking on that one *smile*.) So we all headed inside this nice radio building somewhere in Denver (I'm still not good with directions etc. *sigh*) and went into this nifty recording room. Then my dad said his piece and then all of us kids (my four siblings and I) said, "Dove Christian Academy serves special needs students" (say that four or five times real fast and you'll have a tongue-twister). When the recorder played it back it actually sounded really good (better than it sounded live anyway). So yeah, it was a neat experience.

Besides being on the radio we've been getting more involved with our new Sovereign Grace Church, and enjoying the beautiful Colorado weather! I really need to take a picture of the mountains... They're awesome!

I hope life is treating you well and God bless.


Debbie said...

Snow?! Well, I guess I have snow envy. It is 75 degrees in Georgia!!! We have the air conditioner on again! Our drought continues, as well. So many ponds are drying up. It is freaky. I am glad you are settling in, Katie. I'll write more soon. BTW, what is your new email address? Could you send it to my email address? Thanks! Mrs. S

Hannah said...

Grrr!!! I'm so mad at myself for neglecting your blog for so long!!! :(
Remember how I said I have a couple of friends over in Colorado? Well....I'm FINALLY getting around to asking them wherabouts they are, and giving them your blog address so you guys can get to know each other! I'm so sorry it took me so long to do this! :(
I'm glad your move went well! I've been praying for you and your family...especially that the adjustment to a new area will go well. :) *hugs*

Cochran Family said...

Thanks, Mrs. Shugart and Hannah, your prayers are much appreciated... Mrs. Shugart, I will send you my email. That would be great, Hannay, if you could set that up! Do your friends live around north Denver? God bless :)

Katie said...

Oops! I misspelled your name, HannaH! sorry about that :)

Anna Stone said...

My Dear Lady Kate:
How exciting to become famous! I bet by the time you left the studio, people were begging for your autograph. :) I know I certainly would be!!
Ooh's an idea. Take a picture of your autograph and post it on your blog! That way we can all see it! Haha! That would be grand and glorious!
How are you dear? We needs must converse sometime! Haste, posthaste! I love and miss you greatly! Bid hello to thy fair family as well! God bless you my fair friend!
Always Praying,
(PS) By the way, your pictures from the road trip to CO are wonderful! :D

Courtney said...

aw How fun!!! thats hilarious how you had to go the radio! :) *laughs* I bet you were wonderful! I miss you guys SO much!