Friday, September 30, 2011

Is there STILL "no chance in the world" for him?

Harris Poll: Ron Paul Would Beat Obama 51-49

Congressman tells packed out NYC audience: “America is ripe for a true revolution”

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A new Harris Interactive poll released today reveals that Congressman Ron Paul would defeat Barack Obama 51-49 in a hypothetical run off, one of only two Republican candidates who would stand a good chance of preventing Obama from securing a second term in the White House.

Only Ron Paul and Mitt Romney would beat Obama, according to the poll, which found that Obama would defeat every other Republican candidate, including Rick Perry.

The survey is another indication that Paul is quickly moving into second place to become Romney’s main challenger as Rick Perry’s campaign crashes and burns.

The poll was conducted in mid-September and surveyed 2,462 US adults. Its findings reveal that Paul has now overturned Obama’s slim majority in a hypothetical run off between the two and would likely beat him, especially if he was afforded the kind of national platform that the corporate press have been loathe to provide.

As we have previously discussed, despite an admitted establishment media dirty tricks campaign to deliberately ignore Ron Paul’s candidacy, he has emerged as a top tier candidate with a genuine chance of challenging Romney. A Paul victory in the Republican primary would represent a major problem for Obama’s hopes of a return to the Oval Office because it would remove the incentive for many Democrats to back Obama.

MY COMMENTS: The last sentence in this article is poignant.... The reason Paul receiving the Republican nomination would bereave Obama of many of his supporters is because Paul wants to withdraw our troops from the 150 countries they are in. Not all in a day of course, but gradually taking the number down, rather than gradually increasing it (which is happening now). A sovereign, powerful nation does not mean a busy-body, sprawled out nation. Look at your history--that is how EVERY other nation in the past met its doom--by being too thinly spread.

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