Saturday, July 10, 2010

Going to the ROOT of the Problem...?

Semi-pelagian theology root problem, not some generic "Christianity"
Orthodox historic Protestantism is solution

E-mail from Tidbits reader James Atherton, 7/9/10.

Thanks for posting the Chuck Baldwin article [America Is In A Societal Meltdown,], I voted for him.  Unfortunately, his prescription will not cure what ails America. Chuck is seeing the tree within a forest, but is far from laying the axe to the root.  Government control of education is the tree producing the rotten fruit we are all repulsed by, but the spiritual root feeding the tree is not so easily exposed.

The Protestant Reformation was a return to Augustinian Theology (historic Calvinism) and a rejection of the Roman Churches Semi-Pelagian Theology (Arminianism).  Even secular historians (Bancroft) recognize America as being founded by John Calvin.  Central and South America were mostly colonized by Spain with their “papal” semi-pelagian theology.  Because ideas have consequences and belief precedes action, S. America is statist and “third world” today.  Semi-pelagian theology always produces statism because it enthrones man, to some degree, over our Sovereign Creator.

“No King but King Jesus”, was the battle cry in 1776; by which time two thirds of America’s population had been schooled “in Geneva”.  America was not founded by “Christians”, but by Protestant Reformation Christians educated in the systematic theology of Calvin.  All the “good guys” listed in Baldwin’s article were Calvinists, except Osteen and Warren, who are at best, deceived Christians. 

America is embracing Socialism because ninety five percent of the churches are teaching semi-pelagian theology.  Yes, sin is the problem, but semi-pelagianism is humanism, encouraging mans “cooperation” with God’s “plan”. 

If government control of education were to end tomorrow, and American families inculcated semi-pelagian theology to their children, we would be back in this socialist mess within one or two generations.   I am completely committed to returning education to the family, yet I harbor no delusion it will produce our desired result without a second Protestant Reformation and a return to Augustinian Theology, one family at a time.

American society is melting down because of it's theological rejection of orthodox historic Protestantism, not some generic "Christianity".

KATIE'S NOTES: I know I am just posting these notes now when I posted this article several weeks ago, but I thought I'd make something clear. First off, I would call myself a Calvinist (even though that term, unfortunately, has negative implications) or reformed so part of me agrees with this article because I do fervently and whole-heartedly believe that when people believe they can choose God and God is helpless as to who should choose him etc, that it can breed a "man is God" attitude (not saying that everyone who believes this has this attitude, just saying it can breed it). SO, while I agree that getting back to a Sovereignty of God approach with teaching our children would immensely help restore our spiritually poor society, I am not going to say it's the only way to restore our society. It might be, but I am not sure on that. I would say instead that seeing the Lordship of Christ (without using the term Calvinism) in every area of life: education, right to life, government, social studies, history, business, art, etc would produce a more godly nation. But for me, Lordship of Christ means Calvinism. I hope that makes sense. That is all. :)

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