Monday, November 30, 2009

A Time to Think

Hey there blog readers. I hope you have enjoyed all my posts on the swine flu mania! I was sort of sad more of you didn't comment so we could have a big DEBATE, but oh well :) Just so you know for the future: (1) I love debate and (2) I am not easily offended. So bring whatever thoughts you may have to the table! I think it's good to learn how to defend what we BELIEVE.

A few things in the works. I am soon going to be writing a paper championing predestination/Calvinism/anti-Semi-Palagianism and will be posting that here. I also want to write a paper on the Sabbath (but that may not be for a while). For now, take a look at our family blog here to see what's been going on with us. I just posted ice skating we did for the twins' BD and am about to post Thanksgiving (which was totally AWESOME this year) and probably not today, but sometime soon, decorating our Christmas tree (which we did last night).

I pray you are blessed in the Lord, and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Ali Thomas said...

I didn't read all of what you posted on the vaccination topic, but I think I agree with you. The pharmaceutical companies are filled with corruption(have you ever talked to Mr. Dimauro about this type of thing? He used to work in pharmaceuticals).