Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Elizabeth and I are in Ohio right now visiting our dear relations (my mother's sister and her family) and their golden doodle dog recently had eight adorable puppies! Words cannot describe the delight with which I watch them, play with them, and clean up after them (well, maybe not that last one!). They are about seven weeks old and being sold for $600.00 each. Believe me, if they weren't so expensive, I would somehow find a way to get one--that's how cute they are. Well of course you want to see them! I will be posting pictures on our family blog sometime soon, maybe in a couple days to a week, so you can check there www.cochranfamily101.blogspot.com

I hope and pray you are as happy and content as I am in the Lord! Actually, I hope you are even more so than me *wink* God bless and have a great weekend! Oh, and Happy Fourth of July!

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Ali said...

Well, you know I would love to see some puppy pictures! Hope you are having fun in Ohio.