Tuesday, October 9, 2007

So I go in to get a civilized picture of the guys and I am not able to succeed. Dylan (orange shirt) started all the trouble by refusing to look at the camera for a picture so Caleb and Hunter kindly held him down for a shot, but as soon as they did that I knew my "nice picture" was never going to happen. And don't ask me what Robert's doing--I'm not responsible.

Bekah and Brooke watched my pitiful attempts at order. I wanted order, so I took a picture of them. Made me feel better, you know.

Mr. DiMauro and Mr. Ballard looking quite cheery. :)

Noah, looking as he always does in pictures. After I'd tried to reason with him about how he'd look BETTER if he'd just smile, he told me that if I begged him "on my knees" he'd look normal. What?! I told him to forget it--in (so) many words.

I'll leave you with a sweet picture of Steve and Ali smiling. Have a great week!

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